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E-course Launch Formula

Leverage your time + energy.
Amplify your impact.
Unlock your true income potential.

Calling all
Coaches, Consultants and Service-based Entrepreneurs!

Hand up if you're tired of...

  • Running yourself into the ground doing one-on-one work
  • Feeling limited in what you can earn because you don’t have enough time or energy
  • Working non-stop, yet never seeming to bring in enough income
  • Being held hostage by your schedule (and being chained to your computer)
  • And watching other entrepreneurs launch successful e-Courses (while secretly feeling jealous and inadequate!)

If this sounds like you,

YOU'RE absolutely not alone

Most of us start our own businesses because we want to experience freedom, flexibility, and full-blown lifestyle abundance, right? We have such high hopes and grand visions, but unfortunately the reality can be very different…






Instead, you find yourself doing crazy hours, working your butt off, and yet barely making ends meet. You know there’s a whole heap of passion and potential inside of you (and you’re itching to make an impact on the world) but right now, you just feel trapped…

In fact, sometimes you find yourself wondering if running your own business is worth all the struggle in the first place?


I can totally relate to that feeling – that’s exactly where I found myself not so long ago…

I’m Kathryn Hocking, and I’m an e-Course Coach, Launch Strategist and qualified trainer.

And I went through this exact same struggle…


In 2011, I was earning six-figures at my high-flying corporate job as a professional trainer.

Though I enjoyed the work, I was putting in so many hours I was starting to burn out. My health was suffering, I was unhappy, and I felt incredibly frustrated that I hardly got to spend any time with my husband and baby daughter.

Starting my own business seemed like the only possible solution, so I threw myself into it, excited at the idea of creating a flexible business that was tailored to my needs.


I had visions of starting each day by walking along the beach and doing a yoga class, then coaching clients in the afternoon. It was all going to be very blissful and enjoyable

However, the reality was a far cry from this dream and I only made $600 in the first six months of my business, I was working full-time in my corporate job, working in the business in the tiny bits of time I could manage but couldn't see a way forward.

Yet I knew I was capable of so much more and I wanted it more than anything.


Then, I did something smart. Something that changed the entire trajectory of my business…

… I created an e-Course.


My list at the time was only 140 people long. And yet because I had so much experience teaching and training in my job, I knew exactly how to package my expertise into an effective and educational format that would genuinely help those women.

My gorgeous tribe immediately responded to the program, and a hefty handful jumped on board.

I earned more than $4,000 during that first launch, and it was so much easier than all my client work. (And with my hourly rate at the time, it would have taken me a ridiculous number of sessions to bring that kind of money in.)

It was so thrilling and empowering, that I made the decision to focus all my time and energy on creating more e-Courses. Finally, here was a way to create the freedom, flexibility and financial stability I was craving; here was a way to actually to live my dream.

And that was how my entire online empire (and multiple six-figure income) began…


Now, 6 years later, I've created more than 8 e-Courses, refined and polished my approach, and generated over $1million in online revenue from my products and programs.

(Yep, you read that right: over one million dollars… and counting.)

These days I do things with more soul, more creativity, more flair... but everything still stems from this same proven system that has been so successful for me AND my 800+ students.


Because of e-Courses, my life today is very different…


I can spend time with my two little girls whenever they need me (& even just randomly take the day off if I feel like it).

Location Independence

I spend most of my time working from my beautiful home office, or gorgeous cafes by the beach.

Multiple 6-figure income

I’m earning more through e-Courses than would ever have been possible in my old corporate job.

The go-to expert

Dubbed 'the e-Course Queen’ by BRW magazine & one of the top 50 female entrepreneurs to watch in 2017 in the Huffington Post.


I’m invited to speak at international conferences, I attend exotic Mastermind retreats and we have regular family luxurious getaways where I take ‘digital detoxes’ and completely switch off from everything. (Bliss!).

Zone of genius

I get to focus on work that I’m passionate about, and outsource the things that I’m not.

And one of the best benefits of all was creating regular, reliable, leveraged income…

Right from that very first e-Course, one of my absolute FAVOURITE parts of the whole process has been waking up during launches to find that money has landed in my account while I was asleep.

Now, though I don’t love the term ‘passive’ income (in Module Zero, you’ll learn why ‘leveraged income’ is more accurate), whatever you want to call it, it’s a pretty fan-friggen-tastic feeling when you see those payments come through.

(And PS – The novelty hasn’t worn off! These days, my launches bring in multiple six figures each round. And I STILL get the biggest kick out of checking my stats each morning to see how much has come in.

My hubby even likes to join in the fun!

As Seen In:



And the thing is, these kinds of results aren’t a pipe dream. In fact, they’re 100% possible when you get strategic about your e-Course and learn how to launch it the right way. Which is exactly what the e-Course Launch Formula is all about…


This course will show you how to create, launch and deliver your very own e-Course.
From coming up with a profitable course idea, to presenting your program like a pro (as well as all the steps in between), you’ll have everything you need to make money, launch successfully, and bring your gifts to the world.

All of which means…

It was a No Brainer!

"As soon as I saw that this course was available, it was a no-brainer for me to sign up. There are a lot of people who offer e-course "how to" programs, but I could tell by the thoughtfulness that Kathryn put into her marketing and branding that she has a thorough mind and that this course would be worth the investment.

I was right. This is THE program to invest in if you want to create your course the right way, from the start."

Kongit Farrell,


I made 5 times my investment in my first launch!

"I knew I wanted to create a course but had no clue where to start in actually getting it done and positioning it so people wanted to buy it! I'm in a more traditional niche (insurance agents) and e-courses are not as common, so I wasn't sure it would even work.

I quickly put together an entry-level course, launched to my list of around 2300 and made 24 sales. I've already made 5 times my investment in ECLF back in only 4 months from ONE launch that I can repeat again and again."

Robyn Sharp,


Divine content, support and knowledge

"In this gorgeous e-course Kathryn offers such divine content, support and knowledge!

I feel so much more empowered to tackle my e-course creation and launch head on, knowing that I have continued access to these phenomenal resources."

Emma Louise Newby,

"I have no hesitation in recommending e-Course Launch Formula. Having access to Kathryn in this forum was fantastic and she was always very generous with sharing her knowledge, even after the course delivery period ended."

Laura Trotta, Home Detox Bootcamp e-Course

"Kathryn knows her stuff, She talks strategy and get it done now steps. The perfect combo for the creative looking for direction to make their ideas come to life."

-Emma Hannan, Life with Mama e-Course

"Finding Kathryn Hocking and the e-Course Launch Formula is hands down the best thing that’s ever happened to my business. Through this program I was able to study everything I needed to launch a successful and lucrative e-Course.”

-Shanda Trofe, ‘Write from the Heart’ e-Course

“e-Course Launch Formula is absolutely amazing."

-Cheryl, ‘Create the Life You Dream of’ e-Course

“Kathryn has an amazing depth of knowledge around e-Course creation, and I have received invaluable advice and information with getting my e-Course together. This is the type of course that offers information for e-Course creators at a level that allows you to position yourself as a world leader in your field. The information is current and beautifully delivered. Kathryn's own personal success is testament to the value you receive.”

-Julia Cartwright, ‘The Home Designer Style Program’


The e-Course Launch Formula will show you how.

Over 800 entrepreneurs

from 25 countries


What types of people love the

e-Course Launch Formula?

    • Life Coaches, Business Coaches & Health Coaches
    • Graphic Designers, Web Designers & Brand Strategists
    • Interior Designers and Personal Stylists
    • Social Media Experts, Digital Strategists & Marketing Guru's
    • Holistic Health Practitioners, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Kinesiologists, Yoga Teachers, Personal Trainers, Energy Healers and Lightworkers
    • Teachers, Trainers and Industry Experts
    • Photographers, Artists, Writers, Musicians and Creatives
    • and many more!

This program is for you
if you want to…

Experience freedomYou want a business model that allows you to experience your own version of freedom – whether that’s staying home with your kids, travelling the world, or anything in between.
Have complete flexibilityYou’re DONE with being chained to your laptop (or your corporate cubicle). You want to create a business asset that gives you back control over your own schedule.
Skip the trial and error
You don’t want to waste your time faffing around and figuring things out. You want to get things right the first time.
Learn a proven method
You want a process that works. And that’s been put to the test, time and time again. (And that’s got the 6-figure results to prove its merit!).
Go pro

You’re ready to invest in yourself and your business to take things to the next level.

Get high-level support

You like knowing you’re not going to be pushed out the doors the second the course is over. You like feeling valued and supported.
Unleash your potential
You’re here to make an impact & do work you’re passionate about; you want to leverage your expertise & share it with the world.
Experience abundanceYou’re not afraid to say it – you want to earn good money! You’re ready to earn leveraged income, elevate your one-on-one work, and start charging premium prices.


>> e-Course Welcome Kit

Think of this like your digital welcome basket (‘cos we truly are stoked to have you aboard!). You’ll get access to our Community Guidelines and some welcome videos to help you instantly get the lay of the land.

Then we’ll dive deeper into…



"My favourite part of the course was opening the modules and being wowed each time by how much useful, practical, inspiring stuff was there.

This program gave me the reassurance, support and knowledge I needed.

My first launch had great results and I can't wait to do it again."

April, 2016 scholarship winner, Love Loss Project


Concrete solutions and support


"I knew for ages that I wanted to create e-Courses.

But what I didn't know was where to start.

In fact, there was so much I didn't know I didn't know!

There are so many great parts in this program, such helpful content, that I continually dip in and out whenever I need a refresher.

And of course, the cherry on the cake is our Facebook community. You can post a question to a problem and you will receive concrete solutions and support. If you post your wins, everybody will celebrate with you."

Marie-Anne Lecoeur, The French Chic Academy

“But I don’t have an idea for an e-Course!”

No idea? No worries. You also get access to The e-Course Idea Generator — a proven system for coming up with ideas, and determining whether they’ll be profitable or not.

You get access to this powerful tool (valued at $197) straight away, as soon as you enrol.

It’s helped so many of our students develop and test their ideas, and it’s the exact same process I’ve used to come up with all of my own products and programs — which have collectively generated more than $1 million dollars (and counting)... so rest assured: this tool WORKS.


Get started on creating and refining your e-Course Idea as soon as you sign-up!



Including contributions from leading industry experts

Because this content is so dynamic, new content is being added all the time. These additional resources help you go deeper into specialist areas (think: live Q&A and training webinars) and feature amazing contributions from guest experts and successful e-Course creators.

Here’s just a taste of the epic bonus training on offer…


  • Managing your Time & Energy through Alignment with Puja Madan
  • Brain Based e-Course Design & Delivery with our Community Manager Jo Fisher
  • How to use LeadPages to optimise lead generation and sign-ups with training from the guys at Lead Pages.
  • The Power of Community with Alumni Louise Glendon (plus the list building strategies that have helped her create 5-figure launches).
  • How to decide which email mailing software to use (think mailchimp, aweber, infusionsoft, ontreport and more!) with Systems Expert Annika Stahlberg
  • The Power of Blogging and how Alison created a seasonal e-Course with loyal customers and ongoing revenues with Business Bombshell Alison Lumbatis of
  • The PR essentials that will get you noticed with PR Agency CEO Jenny Hassam.
  • How to create a social media strategy for your e-Course and Facebook Ads for List Building Training with Social Media Maven Bianca Van Meeuwen.
  • Instagram Training with Instagram Expert Jess Safko
  • Evergreen Funnel training from not one but two experts (Louise Robinson and Kellie O'Brien - both expert in this field!)
  • TECH SUPPORT VIDEO on the step-by-step process of recording, editing, and hosting e-Course videos using Camtasia and Vimeo.

And heads up:

Going out and gathering all this expert advice yourself would literally cost you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Our guest contributors are hands-down the best in the business (with the price-tags to match). Many of them are my own personal secret weapons, and have been an integral part of my journey to success. I’m genuinely proud of the calibre of these bonus sessions and the value they provide, and I’m confident they’re going to help you skyrocket your results even further

As you can see, the content is incredibly comprehensive…

Each Module has a Massive Resource List
comprising 5 year’s worth of tools, tips and insider tidbits covering every single resource you could need to help you create, promote and deliver your e-Course, plus access to our exclusive Member’s Directory, so you can access and connect with contributors and affiliate partners.)

Every module includes a detailed workbook, training video, worksheets and templates. You also get a checklist to track your progress for every stage, to help you ditch the overwhelm and stay organised.

“Kathryn covers every possible thing that goes into creating and launching a high-quality course, and when you think she’s covered it all, she adds more. She goes above and beyond the course outline and is constantly adding value and training's from other contributors who can make a positive contribution to the topic at hand.”

– Shanda Trofe,


“The ECLF caters for all levels of ecourse creators from those beginning the journey such as myself, to those who may be seasoned online trainers. I never felt like I was alone or out of my depth as everything was well explained and structured for my success.

As a complete novice to ecourse creation, I was blown away by the amount of knowledge, information, structures and systems provided. All of which have been tried and tested in the success of Kathryn Hocking’s own ecourses.

And you can’t get better beta testing than that!!"

Cassie Hopkins


It’s also worth making special mention of our member’s only Facebook community…

“The ongoing support that Kathryn provides in the Facebook forum is priceless. Having the group as a sounding board and a place to go for feedback, advice and tips is invaluable. Kathryn is really active in the group and provides help even after the course has finished- this lifetime access is awesome!”

– Simone Samuels, The Wellness Warung

“The Facebook group is a welcoming, supportive and informative group that is full of women willing to offer advice and guidance along the journey of creation.”

– Cheryl Paige, Soar to Your Highest

“The support and encouragement in the private FB forum is second to none, not only from Kathryn, but also from the other participants who are all willing to give you feedback and pointers based on their own experiences.”

– Amber Walker,

“The support from Kathryn and the community through the Facebook group really helped to keep me moving.”

– Alice Faeth, Grow your Own e-Course

"Another thing that brings this program such value is the wealth of information in the private Facebook group. Because Kathryn generously extends lifetime access to her students, there’s a tribe of devoted alumni and veterans in the group who are always willing to chime in, offer feedback and help you succeed along with Kathryn and her team."

– Shanda Trofe, Write from the Heart e-Course

This community is special. Unlike other online courses (where support is minimal) our member’s forum provides year-round and life-time support.

We have a dedicated community manager who has been trained by me (and brings her own substantial e-Course expertise) and who supports me in my own launches.

We are hell-bent on helping you make it happen, you truly get an unprecedented level of hands-on support in the forum.

Here’s a sneak peek inside the course…


So all up, you’re getting…

Comprehensive Content12 topics delivered weekly via videos, workbooks, templates and worksheets that you can go back to again and again. They’re all housed in our premium private membership site for you to download forever. This content will easily fill up a couple of large lever arch binders. (Value: $3,000).
Bonus Training

Additional training and resources for each module, including articles, recommended books, blogs, videos, websites, tools and more allowing you to go deeper into the concepts in this program. (Value: $1,200).

Industry Experts
Access to industry experts in branding, publicity, copywriting, social media, Facebook ads and established e-Course creators with MORE guest expert training sessions to be announced. (Value: $2,500)
Members’ ForumYou get Lifetime Membership to your very own TRIBE of entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you and have a wealth of information to share. In this group you can ask each other questions, find accountability partners, brainstorm ideas, test your e-Courses out, and share your discoveries, goals, and ‘a-ha’ moments! (Value? Priceless.)
High-Level SupportAccess to myself and our community manager in the forum, to answer your questions about the content and tools. We regularly share additional resources and advice EXCLUSIVELY in this group and provide support year round (even when the course is not live). (Value: $2,500)
Member’s Directory
Access this exclusive resource to connect with your fellow members, search for contributors for your program, and recruit affiliates to promote your own e-Course (one of the best ways to bring in extra profit). (Value? The sky’s the limit.)

Meet the Team...


Kathryn Hocking

Creator and Program Director

That’s me!

I’m the main contributor and tour de force behind the e-Course Launch Formula. Dubbed the ‘e-Course queen’, I’ve successfully guided hundreds of people through my eight online training programs, and have generated more than a million dollars from my courses and products.

As an e-Course Coach, Launch Strategist, qualified trainer, and the CEO of, my zone of genius is helping women get unstuck in their businesses, create soulful alignment in their programs and launches, and build income streams that allow them to experience true freedom and abundance. 


Jo Fisher

Community Manager

As our super-star Community Manager, Jo is an inspiring, supportive presence in the members’ forum.

With a background in brain based e-Course design and instructional design, Jo is fascinated by how we learn and how we can influence change in others.

Clearly, Jo brings a wealth of knowledge and insider info to this role and I can tell you, she’s as smart, friendly and supportive in person as she is online


Your guest experts…


Evergreen Sales Funnel Masterclasses!


6 Keys To Creating A Highly Effective Evergreen Client Pathway

with Kellie O'Brien
Sales Funnel Strategist


How To Create Profitable (And Automated) Evergreen Funnels You Can Scale

with Louise Griffiths
Online Marketing and Funnel Strategist

An Interview with Graduate Alexis bonavitacola

I'm confident in saying that this course has more content, more tools, more templates and more strategic advice than any other course of this type on the market.



  • It is delivered through a custom-designed premium membership site, with gorgeously design resources that have been customised to maximise learning and usefulness.
  • It has an almost unheard of level of hands-on guidance. My team and I are in the forum every day for the duration of the course (and beyond), answering your questions (this kind of access and support is invaluable).
  • I know that e-Courses are as close to a silver bullet for your business as you are going to get. You CAN have a business that earns you money while you sleep and gives you the freedom to live life on your terms – which is worth paying for, right?
  • You get all the benefits of working with me – my BEST tools, strategies and advice – without the hefty price tag of working with me 1:1.
  • You WILL get return on investment in your first round of your new e-Course if you do the work.




Your dream, your lifestyle, your freedom… they’re all worth investing in.

It’s time to stop postponing your happiness.
Start taking action on creating the kind of business (and income) you truly want.

Join Now

Your investment…

Best Value

AUD $997 (+ GST for Australian Residents)
  • Instant access to getting started content in the Membership site
  • Lifetime access to course materials and future upgrades
  • Lifetime access to Facebook community
  • FREE access to the e-Course Idea Generator Valued at $177

3 Payment Plan

3 x AUD $430 (+ GST for Australian Residents)
  • Instant access to getting started content in the Membership site
  • Lifetime access to course materials and future upgrades
  • Lifetime access to Facebook community
  • FREE access to the e-Course Idea Generator Valued at $177

That's just over $782USD.
Please note currency fluctuates daily and you should check with a currency conversion tool like

Payments Accepted Via:


 AlexisNo stone left unturned

"When I enrolled in Kathryn's class, I thought I was just going to learn about how to launch a successful e-course.

To my wonderful surprise, what I received was so much more!

Kathryn's class felt like I was immersed in a full-year of study on every aspect one could think of that was necessary for e-course design and implementation.

There was no stone left unturned and every single component necessary was well thought out and provided for her students.

The curriculum and content organization was over-the-top fabulous!

Kathryn is available to her students and shares all of her knowledge freely and gracefully. You could tell she loves teaching others about successful e-course design.

I'm thrilled that I invested in ECLF. It was the best money I spent on truly understanding every single facet of designing a successful e-course."

Alexis Bonavitacola,

I am glad I did it!

"It was a big investment for me to sign up for this course.
But...the course approach, content and structure exceeded my requirements as a person developing their first eCourse and I am glad I did as it saved me significant effort in working out what, when and how of my eCourse"

Elise Stevens, Fix my Project Chaos

A lot of Value

"I was hesitant to sign up for this course because I've I didn't have a well formed course idea yet. I'm so glad I did because, working through the modules, allowed me to develop and refine a rough idea into a concrete plan. I got a lot of value from the module planner and I felt the course length and pace was perfect for integrating the lessons and taking action!"

Danielle March

I've now got the necessary foundation!

"I knew that I wanted e-Courses to be part of my business. Teaching is my passion! Even so, it was still a big investment for me to sign up for E-Course Launch Formula. But I'm so glad that I did sign up, because the information I got in this course would have taken me ages to find and/or figure out by myself! Kathryn has done an excellent job of breaking everything down step by step, and all I had to do was follow her method. I feel ready to roll out my course knowing that I've now got the necessary foundation!"

Anna Cragin


If you work through the first three modules of the course and are not totally happy, I will refund your enrolment cost.

I offer this guarantee because I have complete faith in this content, and I know that if you commit to doing the work, taking action, and allowing the forum to support you, then you will be able to launch your own profitable e-Course. I also know that you can achieve return on investment – and much, much more – if you’re prepared to commit to the learning process and immerse yourself in these strategies.

Please note that you must demonstrate that you have participated in the course before requesting a refund.

For full refund terms click here

Refunds must be requested in writing to within 21 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions…


Got a burning question I haven’t answered?

My team is available to answer all your questions so that you can feel 100% confident this is a good investment for your business and future lifestyle. So don’t hesitate to send us an email at and ask away!

So don’t hesitate to send us an email at or click the gold help button at the lower right of this screen and ask away!

+ + + + +


Get started now!

Best Value

AUD $997 (+ GST for Australian Residents)
  • Instant access to getting started content in the Membership site
  • Lifetime access to course materials and future upgrades
  • Lifetime access to Facebook community
  • FREE access to the e-Course Idea Generator Valued at $177

3 Payment Plan

3 x AUD $430 (+ GST for Australian Residents)
  • Instant access to getting started content in the Membership site
  • Lifetime access to course materials and future upgrades
  • Lifetime access to Facebook community
  • FREE access to the e-Course Idea Generator Valued at $177

Payments Accepted Via:


When it comes to e-Courses, way too many business owners think they could never do it…

Myth #1
But my list is too small…

Small, targeted lists often convert better than big lists, and you can list-build during your pre-launch period. I launched my first e-Course with only 140 people on my list and made over $4k in revenue.

Myth #2
But I’m not a ‘proper’ expert in my field…

First off, you know more than you realise. Secondly, you don’t need to be an expert – you just need to know more than your ideal client. Thirdly, you’ll learn EXACTLY how to position, package and showcase your skills so this becomes a non-issue.

Myth #3
But someone else has beaten me to it…
You think I was the first person to teach people how to create an e-Course? No. But it hasn’t stopped me building a multiple six-figure business around it. If other people are already doing what you want to do, it’s a good thing – it means there’s a market ready to pick up what you’re puttin’ down...

The truth is, I’ve helped HUNDREDS of women just like you to create, market and deliver profitable e-Courses and unlock their income potential…

sales-f8-LouiseLouise created two courses teaching people the art of photography. She now focuses solely on e-Courses in her business, has had hundreds of participants go through her programs, and regularly rolls out six figure launches.


Laura Trotta has gone from strength to strength, creating two eco-living e-Courses and more than doubling her enrolments each round, with over 50 participants in her most recent launch.

Amber launched the first round of her e-Course ‘60 Days to a Sexy Soul’, built her list by over 1,000 people, and enrolled over 30 people


Linda created her e-Course ‘5 Minutes 4 Mum’ and enrolled 34 motivated and excited mums in her first round.

Jess Donovan has launched multiple e-Courses focused on helping mums with their family’s health. With her most recent launch, she doubled her enrolments with nearly 100 participants.


Melanie created an e-Course on a specialist nutritional protocol. She enrolled 59 people in her first launch and has continued having great success.

sales-f8-SamAfter going through this program, Sam Cannell quadrupled the number of enrolments she’d achieved in the first run of her e-Course, with more than 50 people jumping on board

sales-f8-JuliaJulia has created 3 e-Courses and sold more than 40 spots for her baby sleep e-Course called Sweet Dreams, earned over $10,000 from her business and marketing e-Course for birth professionals and launched her third e-Course Newborn Mothers Retreat.


Leanne O’Sullivan enrolled 24 people in her digital strategy e-Course Six Weeks to the Summit and made close to $24k in revenue from her first launch and vastly exceeded her stretch goals!


Misty had 56 people enroll in her first ever launch for her e-Course “Simply Prepared” - an emergency preparedness for families e-Course.

“Wait, will this ‘formula’ make my e-course seem… ...well, formulaic?”

No! The e-Course Launch Formula is NOT a “colour by numbers” approach, and it does NOT produce programs that feel ‘cookie-cutter’.

The truth is, when you’re starting out, it is SO much easier to get things off the ground when you’re not starting from scratch. This program provides a proven system that helps you get all the puzzle pieces into place (and that takes out all the guesswork and trial and error) but that still leaves you plenty of room for personality, soul, flair, and uniqueness.

(In fact, because you’ll have all the fundamentals mastered from the get-go, you’ll be able to inject more creativity into the stuff that actually makes a difference, because you’re not trying to reinvent the wheel for every little thing.)

Think of it like baking a cake — once you know why you need flour, sugar and eggs, and you understand the role that each one plays? THEN you can start playing around, making your own additions, and taking things to the next level. (Flourless choc-almond cake with berry coulis, anyone?!)

...But before you get your Masterchef on, it’s important to understand the basic principles first, otherwise your cake (or e-Course) is likely to be a disappointing flop that no one wants a piece of.

Here’s a closer look at what our graduates have created…

Proving that the e-Course Launch Formula can be applied to ANY market, with as much creativity and daring as you choose...

In total, more than 800 people have gone through this course. Here’s what they have to say…

“This course has not only helped me to identify the exact e-Course I would like to implement first, it is also helping me go through the necessary steps to make sure it’s been created to a really high level. Basically it is enabling me to create my e-Course with a tried and true formula without having to make so many mistakes along the way by going in blind.”

– Jodie Preiss, Halcyon Marketing

"This program is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to create and deliver their own online course. The material is practical, hands-on and thorough, and the support is amazing."

–Wendy Kotila, She Knows Business

“The passion Kathryn has for helping other entrepreneurs develop e-Courses and take their business to the next level is infused into every page of copy and the attention to detail is second to none.”

– Kim Paxton,

“In just the first week I sold over 50 places on my e-Course and have a growing community of excited participants taking part and eager to learn from my ideas.”

– Louise Glendon, Click Love Grow

“I LOVED IT and without it I would not have completed my e-Course ‘Productivity School’.

The support was really good, the way she provided videos, written guides and even a Facebook group to interact with was awesome. If you are even considering writing an e-course I recommend that you do Kathryn’s first.”

– Lena Turvey, Productive Training

“This course has really helped me to precisely plan and focus on what I can deliver as an e-Course.

The modules are designed in a coherent and logical way and really guide the user to develop their ideas and think about what and how they can deliver an e-Course.
This course exceeded my expectations."

– Kristy Goodwin, Every Chance to Learn

“I loved that even though I have gained a lot of knowledge in having a blog and business, have gone through Marie Forleo’s B-School, and have actually created one e-Course before, there was still so much to learn and implement. “

– Mel Christner, Honest Body

“I thoroughly enjoyed the e-course launch formula. It is chock-full of great information and you took me step by step through the entire process. I’m putting the final touches on my first course and I’m so excited! Using the e-course launch formula has cut my time to launch considerably, and I’m so grateful.”

– Julia Price McPherson, Innerspace Marketing

“If you’re planning at any stage to run an e-Course and are stumped on where to begin, the e-course launch formula is a must-do. Although, I’m not ready to launch my course, I now have clarity and a step-by-step plan for implementation.”

– Shari Brewer, Teenage Survival Coach

“The E-Course Launch Formula was exactly what I needed to create and launch my first e-course. Within 5 months of starting ECLF the first round of my e-course, 5 Minutes 4 Mum, was running with 34 Mums enrolled. ECLF provided me with a clear step-by-step process, so much great information and resources and great support and inspiration in the forum. If you are serious about getting your e-course up and running I cannot recommend this program highly enough.”

– Linda Anderson, 5 Minutes 4 Mum

"Kathryn’s extensive knowledge and the content she delivers is brilliant! Such a valuable course, I highly recommend it"

- Kate Barnes, Our Happy Children e-Course

“ I have already told a number of people that you are very generous in your sharing of information and it really is a step-by-step course for setting up an e-Course”

- Linda Chaousis

"Kathryn’s e-Course Launch Formula is the most potent, practical, detailed, relevant information and strategy rich program I have encountered – and I have done many (don’t ask!)"

- Narelle, embodied terrain e-Course

"Kathryn is a fantastic example to learn from and she has really helped to simplify and demystify the whole process of launching an e-Course".

-Sarah Cooper, Trailblazing Musician

"It is so thorough, offers explanations and so many how-to’s that you are left confident in your own ability to turn your idea into passive income."

- Aerlie Wildy

"The e-Course Launch Formula was amazing. All the things I learned in ECLF has helped me in many areas of my business, Anyone who has ever considered running an e-Course should sign-up straight away".

-Cindy Russell

"This e-Course is going to be a game changer for my LIFE. I've made it through 9 modules of videos as a sort of 'overview' to give myself the scope of project and then am going back an working through the workbooks. I just wanted to say i'm really finding everything amazingly helpful, useful, well laid-out, organized, beautiful, seamless.... it sets the bar for what i want to produce.I  definitely could not have launched anything without this course".

-Lexia Frank, Photographer

" From idea generation and finding your target audience, to designing and branding, this course covers it all along with the strategic techniques to tie it all together.
What’s more, I’m now able to reach clients all around the world who I would never have had the chance to connect with without my E-Course and the valuable launch strategies implemented in this program."
– Shanda Trofe, Write from the Heart e-Course

The best investment I made for myself and my business.

"Immediately after I decided to create an e-course, the Universe divinely guided me to The E-course Launch Formula. It was the best investment I made for myself and my business. Kathryn walks you through the exact steps you need to create and launch your e-course which takes ALL guesswork out of the process.

The best part of the course is knowing you always have a support system. Even after the course was complete Kathryn and the other ladies are so friendly, helpful and supportive. I love being part of a group of ambitious women.

If you're thinking about launching an e-course do yourself a favor and take this course! It’s everything you need to confidently and courageously launch your e-course into the world from beginning to end."

Tejal V Patel, Creator of The Mindful Mama Experience