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(even if you’re on a budget)

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5.00pm Thursday 24th August 2017 ACST

(In London? Our evening webinar is 8.30am your time 24th August)

“I could never afford to create my own e-Course.”

It’s the most common misconception I hear from online biz owners. But let me tell you: it’s not true.

Worse, this belief is holding you back from getting your share of the $100 billion dollar online education industry. (Yep, more than $100 billion dollars every year are spent on e-Courses and online training programs…

So if your business isn’t in the game yet, now’s the time to act.)


If you want to learn how to create the most PROFITABLE e-Course possible for your budget, this training webinar is for you.

You’ll learn:

// How I created my first few e-Courses for as little as $200 each (and then made 10x that in profit)

// How to choose an investment strategy to maximise your ROI – no matter what your budget

// The spookily accurate investment metric you can use to predict your profits (I use this EVERY launch, and it still blows my mind!)

// Why it’s dangerous to invest in these 3 things in your first launch

// The common money-mindset mistake that increases risk and pulls down profits (plus my fool proof method to avoid it)

// 3 step-by-step investment frameworks (based on 3 different budget levels) that you can start using straight away

// Case studies from real life biz owners who’ve made serious money off their e-Courses, despite starting on a shoestring budget


PLUS: Get my signature Budget and Tools Worksheet to plan your own e-Course budget and ensure maximum ROI.

This live training session is FULL of genuinely useful content and practical strategies you can put into action straight away.

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Kathryn Hocking

e-Course Expert & Launch Strategist
Kathryn is an e-Course coach and Launch Strategist who has helped over 800 entrepreneurs create and launch their e-Courses.

 5.00pm ACST Thursday 24th August 2017



(In London? Our evening webinar is 8.30am your time 24th August)


5.00pm Thursday 24th August 2017 ACST