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I've created more than 8 e-Courses, refined and polished my approach, and generated over $1.5 million in online revenue from my products and programs.

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These days I do things with more soul, more creativity, more flair... but everything still stems from this same proven system that has been so successful for me AND my 1,000+ students.

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About the Creator of the e-Course Launch Formula

In 2011, I was earning six-figures at my high-flying corporate job as a professional trainer.

Though I enjoyed the work, I was putting in so many hours I was starting to burn out. My health was suffering, I was unhappy, and I felt incredibly frustrated that I hardly got to spend any time with my husband and baby daughter.

Starting my own business seemed like the only possible solution, so I threw myself into it, excited at the idea of creating a flexible business that was tailored to my needs.

I had visions of starting each day by walking along the beach and doing a yoga class, then coaching clients in the afternoon. It was all going to be very blissful and enjoyable

However, the reality was a far cry from this dream and I only made $600 in the first six months of my business, I was working full-time in my corporate job, working in the business in the tiny bits of time I could manage but couldn't see a way forward.

Yet I knew I was capable of so much more and I wanted it more than anything.

Then, I did something smart. Something that changed the entire trajectory of my business…

… I created an e-Course.

My list at the time was only 140 people long. And yet because I had so much experience teaching and training in my job, I knew exactly how to package my expertise into an effective and educational format that would genuinely help those women.

My gorgeous tribe immediately responded to the program, and a hefty handful jumped on board.

I earned more than $4,000 during that first launch, and it was so much easier than all my client work. (And with my hourly rate at the time, it would have taken me a ridiculous number of sessions to bring that kind of money in.)

It was so thrilling and empowering, that I made the decision to focus all my time and energy on creating more e-Courses. Finally, here was a way to create the freedom, flexibility and financial stability I was craving; here was a way to actually to live my dream.

And that was how my entire online empire (and multiple six-figure income) began…

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